In Allah, We Trust

Have you ever feel awkward when someone in front of you is crying but you don’t have any idea about what you have to do? Actually, I have ever feel like that. But wait. No, it doesn’t mean I’m not a kindhearted human, right? I just don’t know how to express my symphaty. Is it enough to give them my shoulder to cry on? Is it enough to hug them then said “Trust me, it’ll be okay…”? Well, I have no answer persistantly. Every people has so many different ways to show that they’re care. My way, I’m praying for them.

Maybe I can’t be there when they are crying. Maybe I can’t be the person who always listening their sad story. Or maybe I have nothing to entertaint them, didn’t find something silly stories or jokes to tell. Well, what can I do except pray for them? Only Allah can heals anything, right?

So, that’s my way. Begging to Allah to take out the wounds in your heart. Keep smiling! Allah with us…


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