What is Actually Your Passion?

When someone asks me what is actually my passion, well, I’m turning like I don’t have any idea to answer it. Let me say, I love books, love traveling, love hiking, love musics, love foods, love sooo many things! So, what should I say?

Actually I just think that I’m happy to do anything that I love. Yup, anything! As long as I still alive and young, hahaha… Dig up!

Sometimes, I found peoples who really loves books. They will focus on it. But for me, I don’t wanna stuck in one thing (at least for now). As I said before, I just wanna dig up everything, find something new, meet the great experiences, and through every lil path I see. This is what I called as adventure.

I just don’t like being monotone and focus with only one thing. Um, okay, maybe it sounds too songong yeah, haha… Nevermind if you see peoples only getting focus because of one thing. Hey, they maybe finally found their passion! God blessed ’em. Poor me who didn’t find it.

So, if someday you ask me what is actually my passion, I might be answer : enjoying the life!


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